Hi I am Falk. Nice to meet you.

I am an artist working in mixed media based in Berlin. I love to combine the abstract and the figurative, I like blurry things and distorted faces. I take most of my creative energy from feelings of depression, anxiety and philosophical thoughts. To share this and thereby create a space where we can talk about things that are normally suppressed in our society is my goal.

I am sometimes a musician, you can check my music out here.

If you want to buy one of my paintings go to my shop (which isn’t really a shop haha)

Photo by Polypons.

Frequently asked questions

How old are you?

I was born in 1991.

What art supplies do you use?

I work in mixed media and I am a big believer in doing whatever suits you. Just try out a bunch of stuff and see what works fine for you.

For me the most important things are toilet paper and yogurt cartonage (not even kidding)

Is art your fulltime job?

No, only partially! But I’m working on it. Right now I am also working part time as a designer.

What are your influences?

Mostly music. 🙂

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